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This course is available to anyone as a two-year course. Students can proceed at their own pace.  The course introduces students to Cha-do, often called the “Tea Ceremony”, and offers opportunities to experience tea-gatherings and tea-making procedures. Topics will include the appreciation of utensils, scrolls, flowers and the importance of people living in harmony with nature and themselves.
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At the end of the first year, the students will be familiar with the following: - The overall history of Chanoyu/Cha-do - The principles of Cha-do - The necessary terminology in both English and Japanese - The proper way to enter and seat oneself in the tea room - The role of the guest and etiquette for eating sweets and drinking tea   properly - The role of assisting the Host to serve tea - The role of the host and basic tea-making procedures; Ryakubon, Ro and   Furo Hirademae and Ryurei.  At the end of the second year the student will be familiar with the following: - Elements of the philosophy of Cha-do - Communicating oneself through the tea-making procedure - Organizing tea gatherings - Demonstrating tea-making procedures; Ryakubon, Ro and     Furo Hirademae and Ryurei - Organizing and presenting tea to an audience The course will make use of the Ryurei-style (the use of tables and chairs) making it suitable for those students who cannot sit on tatami mats.   Classes are once a week, or “pay as you go”. The fee is $25.00 per lesson, with the first lesson free. Reid so shin Burridge, the teacher, is also available for lectures and demonstrations. To contact by email or phone, visit the contact page.
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Learn Cha-do
Learn Cha-do