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Reid Burridge has been studying tea for over 30 years. He received a scholarship to study Tea in Kyoto, Japan in 1987 at the Urasenke School of Chanoyu for one year and later received his tea name, “So Shin” from the15th Urasenke Head Master, Soshitsu Sen.
Reid so shin Burridge
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Walking through the beautiful yard in the summer time is really a pleasure. Surrounded by the greenery and greeted by many butterflies, it’s easy to see why this Tea Master has chosen to live here. You would hardly guess you were in Toronto!  After entering the tearoom, you are welcomed into a beautiful space filled with natural light and natural wooden furniture. The Ryurei style allows Westerners to fully enjoy the Japanese Tea Ceremony, since sitting on tatami mats can be hard on the legs and knees. The set-up of the room will be different depending on the season. During the summer and spring months, the kettle is kept away from the guests, whereas in the fall and winter it is centered in the room to contribute heat thereby providing communal atmosphere. The experience of the ceremony itself will be different according to the occasion.  Depending on the complexity, a ceremony may last over three hours.   Marriages and celebrations involve a meal, whereas an informal thin tea ceremony may simply involve tea sweets. It’s difficult to describe the experience of Cha-do;   it has to be experienced.  The ceremony creates a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility for both the host and the guest(s).  It truly is an amazing experience. The best way to fully understand this traditional Japanese art form is to learn how to ‘Sit and Make Tea’.  I look forward to sharing this peaceful experience with you.
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